Like many people around the region, we have spent countless hours throwing in a line at one of our many fishing spots.

Fishing certainly is a sport that the whole family can enjoy and the memories created by these days on the river will stay with you for your whole life.

So the health of our river system is vital and keeping it that way for many generations to come.

That’s why we were interested in finding out about the Northern Basin Review, being done by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).

As part of the Review, they’ve been looking at what fish need when it comes to the best conditions for breeding, setting up home and making it to old age.

For the first time ever more than 1100kms of Darling River has been mapped between Walgett and Wilcannia, looking closely at river bank shape and depth, vegetation and river snags.

They’ve found that the time of year, the volume and the rate of river flows make a big difference to whether fish can breed, how they move around the rivers and wetlands, and where they choose to hang out.

Flows in these northern rivers are highly variable and not all fish like the same things. The study has also identified which species prefer particular parts of a river system.

Some native fish need deeper, faster flowing water to breed, while others prefer to lay their eggs on vegetation in the calmer waters of a wetland.

This study is helping to better understand which types of fish are where in the northern basin and the different types of river flows they need for breeding, habitat and completing their life cycle.

So what does this all mean? We all know that a good day on the water is something many of us enjoy. But we are not the only ones in the community who rely on the river system. Farmers, agricultural businesses and everyone living in towns across the Murray–Darling Basin all have an interest in how it is managed.

We understand that this fish study, and others currently underway, will feed into decisions to be made by our government on how water is managed in some northern basin catchments. These decisions will take into account the socio-economic effects on communities while still supporting native fish, plant and animals.

The Murray–Darling Basin is an Australian icon and we are famous the world over for the way in which we manage it.  I would encourage everyone who relies on it in our part of the world to find out more about the Northern Basin Review.

We know staff at the MDBA are keen to hear from people who rely on the Murray–Darling Basin for work or pleasure. Joining the conversation gives you and your community the opportunity to discuss the work and ask questions.  For more information about the Review, you can call the Authority on 1800 30 114 or join the conversation on their online engagement website; send a letter to GPO Box 1801, Canberra City, ACT, 2601.  You can also email or go to

We all want a good future in the Basin and we all need to be part of the solution. If you have any questions or reports from your area, drop us a line at or visit

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We are extremely pleased to announce that our two shows 'The Magic Hour' & Fishing the Cape' will be shown as they were shot in HD on the Seven Network 7Mate channel. Sunday 29th May will at 12 mid-day and will feature 'The Magic Hour' & the following Sunday 5th June will feature 'Fishing the Cape'.  These made for TV versions have been edited back to fit into the hour long slot and will also feature some modified for TV audio which is just a bit different to the feature length versions on our Blu-Rays & DVD's. We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope you enjoy the shows. J&J


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Summer Pricing

Nov 27 2015 | 0 comments

G'day all you keen anglers out there. We have new bundles and packages available just in time for the summer and Christmas period. This new pricing offers great value for money and a chance to escape into the wild gorge country of the New England in search of Murray Cod or cast your way down the West coast of Cape York looking for some mighty Barramundi. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last year and wish you all the very best for the festive season.
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We were recently interviewed by our local newspaper who were interested to find out a little more about us and our film 'Fishing the Cape'. Here is the article. J&J


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As promised and just in time for Xmas, the Blu-ray version of our Barramundi fishing travel & adventure film, 'Fishing the Cape' is now available for purchase from our website. This production is proudly Australian from start to finish and showcases the remote, rugged Cape York landscape and wilderness region in Northern Australia, from both above & below the waterline. Blu-ray is a great way to see the action as it was natively filmed on our cameras in true High Definition. 
The DVD version is currently being pressed & will be available sometime during the next fortnight. Pre-orders from our website are a great way to secure your pre-xmas copy.
Happy Xmas J&J.
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Pre-orders for 'Fishing the Cape' DVD & Blu-Ray are now open.

To help celebrate our new release we have a special offer.
The first 10 pre-orders of 'Fishing the Cape' with Josh & Jamie will receive a Josh & Jamie Fishing Brag Mat (pictured) which stretches out to 1.5 metres (RRP $24.95 and should cover most Barra in northern Australia).
**Pre-ordered DVD's & Blu-Ray's will be priority posted from our first run in early December.**

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We are pleased to say that we have emerged from our edit suite where we have been locked since mid April this year and it is time to drop our new full length trailer for our upcoming film 'Fishing the Cape' which should be available in late November, right on for Christmas. Be sure to check out our new trailer at Pre-orders will be announced soon so stay tuned for regular updates. If you have any questions be sure to drop us a line at or leave us a message on our facebook page. Best J&J.
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