Thanks to everyone that attended our premiere night. 

A great night was had by all. There were also some very happy prize winners and thanks go out again to our sponsors  Shimano, Columbia, Maui Jim, Kingston Lures, Bens Falls Retreat and Jackall for organising such an impressive array of prizes. We cant sum the night up any better than "Tackle Rat" (via who had this to say about the night,

"G'day all,
I just wanted to let everyone know about a great new cod fishing dvd now available.On Saturday night i went to a premier release of a new cod fishing flick called "The Magic Hour", it is made by Josh Smith and Jamie Condon the makers of "Fishing The Gorges with Jamie and Josh".
For those who love the sounds and sights of fishing for cod on surface lures this movie is great, the boof of the lure takes on the big screen was unreal.The blokes who made this flick went all out on the night, they put on a great do , with nibblies and a yarn before the movie, the bloke who put together a lot of the backing music played a few songs before the movie started and after the show was over , thanks to the blokes sponsors they drew some lucky door prizes and anyone who bought a dvd on the night also had a chance to win some bigger ticket items.these boys did a real good service for their sponsors, during the movie and on the night.
If your into surface fishing for cod maybe you should ask santa to get his hands on this new dvd, i found out about the release night off their website fishing with Jamie and Josh, and i think you can check out some snippets of their old dvd and the new one there.Since watching the flick i can't wait for cod season to open, so i can hear that great noise again of cod hitting the surface lure again. I thought it was great to see this movie on its release, but was also lucky enough to score a columbia shirt in the ticket draws. so i came away stoked, if anyone out there knows the boys ,tell the boys they should give themselves a pat on the back for a great night and a great movie.
Cheers." J&J