Mad October

Sep 25 2011 | 0 comments

You would be Mad not to visit us here again in October because we have a give away!

For the month of October we will be giving away a Kingston's Lure Mad Barry with each DVD or Blu-Ray Purchase. This lure was one of the standout performers throughout the filming of our latest movie The Magic Hour.

For more info on the very successful Kingston range of Lures be sure to visit,

As promised, we are very excited to announce the Magic Hour is now available for sale on Blu-ray. The clarity of this format is something to behold. The sharpness & enhanced audio that Blu-ray delivers truly gives you the experience of being there fishing right along side of us. Enjoy! J&J

Its great to read such good feedback for our latest production "The Magic Hour". Feedback like this helps us gauge what people like and dislike about our show and what works and what doesn't, we really appreciate it. J&J

The Compleat Angler - "The bar has been raised; Australian Fishing DVD’s have at last come into the category of being visually entertaining while having a touch of artistic flair. The latest two DVD’s I have viewed are impressive and well worth the hard earned dollars that you need to part with to own one. Titled The Magic Hour this is a great fishing DVD with an artistic flair. The camera guy has gone out of his way to show you great action shots, in fact I think they must have strapped the camera to the back of a mountain goat, they needed to, to follow the two fisho’s into the Gorge Country River System. The two fisho’s in question are Josh Smith and Jamie Condon who are both very capable of presenting you with an informative yet humble display of their ability to extract Cod from this very challenging yet stunningly beautiful River system. As I mentioned when I reviewed their previous DVD fishing The Gorges, which by the way was fantastic, the boys do a great job of hosting the show without going over the top. It is obvious that the DVD is about the fish and the experience not about the fisho’s. For those who have seen fishing the Gorges you will be keen to get a look at this new offering The Magic Hour as it is another step up."

Bobs Fishing Tackle - "Bob and his staff have seen a lot of fishing dvds and this is one of the best. A recommended product."

Matt, Tackle World Canberra - "watched your second DVD last weekend and just have to say you guys have accomplished what very few fishing DVD sequels struggle to do......go one better!!! I was riveted from start to finish....actually so was my girlfriend, which says a lot because she normally only watches 5 or 10 minutes of my other fishing DVD and then finds something better to do LOL.  Great work guys."

Robbie Alexander, Fishing Journo - "I just wanted to tell you that i just watched The Magic Hour DVD and thoroughly loved it. I loved Fishing the Gorges too. Having grown up on the Ovens RIver here in Wangaratta for my whole life, i can really relate to the fishing, and fish in your great DVDs. I look forward to seeing your next amazing fishing DVD."

We will again be attending the Easter Lake Burrendong Fishing Competition on the weekend of 22-24th April. Drop into our stand for a quick chat, it would be great to say G'Day!

We will have both of our movies for sale from our stand on the 24th April, you will also be able to purchase them as a bundle. 


Dubbo's Matt Hansen with cracking Burrendong Golden Perch

If you intend to fish the comp & haven't registered yet, you can download your entry form here.  

We look forward to seeing you there.


Kit on Set

Feb 12 2011 | 2 comments

A couple of rough (iphone1-low light) shots of some of our gear in action. Usually after a huge day with all of this camera gear in backpacks with fishing gear we get back to camp & set up for the night sequences & also some early editing whilst in the field to ensure we have got no real surprises when we get home.

Mac with Final Cut & PC laptop loaded with Premiere CS5

The Magic Hour was shot entirely with "L" Lenses and various Manfrotto sticks.

 After a big day of hiking and fishing, the action from above can be equally inspiring...

Unfortunately we experienced an outage to our website over the past weekend. Upstream providers changed some DNS servers & down we went. This was a major inconvenience to us & all of our customers. We apoligise to anyone who tried to access our site but was unable to. Everything should be back to normal now. J&J

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